About Me

I’m Tim and I am looking forward to meeting you.

I found photography about five years ago, I was looking at a sunset and thought how awesome it would be to be able to take that moment with me as more than just a memory, fast forward to now and I am creating memories for a living and there is nothing I would rather be doing.

You will be spending the whole day with your photographer so it is really important to find someone you can get along with and can make you smile and laugh to get those natural images. Reading an about me section on a website is a good start but its better to get in touch so we can have a chat or meet face to face.

I love finding the beauty in an unexpected moment, I am not the type to stand around posing photos, I prefer capturing the day as it unfolds organically.

My background in photography comes from shooting live music concerts, freezing the action and keeping that image that will never be repeated, I moved on to wedding photography as it seemed a natural fit for me, It is absolute honor to be invited into someones important day, to be there to see the honesty and romance they share.

When I am not taking photos I am playing piano, surfing and hanging out with my wife and three little boys.

A little bit about my style of photography and how the day usually unfolds.

I usually have a plan in my head about the way I want to shoot a wedding day, I prefer to shoot the entire day, to tell the full story of your day, The sweet moments of you getting ready with your best friends and family, a sneaky beverage, the nervous giggles before you marry the love of your life. I like to capture both sides, you most likely won’t be spending the morning together and it is awesome to look back and see what your better half was doing while you were getting your hair done. I like to shoot this part of the day in a journalistic way like a fly on the wall.

The ceremony, it’s the most exciting part of the day, after all, that is what we are all there for. At this time I like to get some shots of the room and guests ready for you to walk down the aisle. I then follow the bride coming in and capture the ceremony as it happens. After the ceremony is over there are usually lots of hugs kisses and congratulations that follow.

Directly after this is a great time to get group, family and wedding party photos before everyone goes off and gets merry. The best way is to start with the biggest group and send as many people away until it is time for some nice couples portraits.

Ok, so the portrait sessions are where most couples get a little nervous, That’s cool, Me too, I don’t like being in front of a camera, But this also the time for the two of you to just hang out and relax. Generally we just go for a walk around the grounds and capture some nice natural photos of you just being yourselves, I am happy to give a little direction if needed, I’ll stay back and give you some space and privacy.

The reception is one big party, and its your party. Some intense moments happen during this time of the day, Dancing, love, speeches, cake cutting, crying, and copious amounts of alcohol makes for some unreal raw photographs. I love it! will there be drunk uncle photos? Yeah, of course there will be, but this is honestly how the days go, so I float around the room making sure you can look back at your photos in the years to come and remember how you felt on the day, and how you family and friends came together to celebrate you

Obviously every wedding is different, Do you want to do a first look? Want to get photos at the beach 10kms away? Need those romantic sunset pics? Family photos of people that only get together once ever 10 years? Perfect! This is mainly how the days unfold but I’d love to hear how you want your day captured.

If I had to explain my style in a short sentence it would be.

In the moment, natural and romantic, really just capturing the day as it unfolds organically, I love black and white with a health dose of colour mixed in. Great photos are a given, but it is important that you love your experience.

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