The Presets @ The Forum

By the time I got to The forum on Saturday night I was well and truly ready for bed after a really long week, The place was packed full of face chewing punters, there was plenty of opportunity to by some pills outside among the smokers but I just wanted to get my work done and get home.

But HELL!!! there could not have been a better band to get me through this last night, I will not be forgetting the songs I heard and they do not give you a chance of your adrenaline to fall, absolutely pumping, two other photographers and the forum has a wide photo pit, pretty good lighting and only two members to shoot, I spent the first song getting the safe shots and the next two either perfecting the shots I had or experimenting with new techniques.


I assumed there would be strobes so I tried doing a longish exposure and just having the flashes freezing the image, but there weren’t any so the ones I did get were just muddled up images, But ill try again another time.

Loved this show, number 1 of the week, Time for bed!


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