Circa Survive @ The Corner Hotel

I haven’t been to The Corner in a while, I’ve avoided shooting there lately as they sometimes remove the photo pit and i have become a bit snobby, my days of getting the shit beaten out of me while photographing bands have past, I really just don’t have the energy anymore.

But returning there I was reminded of the energy and crowd participation, it is a feeling you just cant get at MCA, Rod Laver or the forum, the band just doesn’t connect with the people.

The lighting was awesome, really bright and best of all it was warm, heaps of whites and yellows, not a common occurrence at gigs, usually there are reds and greens that just mess with your cameras sensor and you end up with a fair few muddy images.

I love black and white images, growing up seeing shots in the paper of Slash, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Rolling stones in that noisy grain was pretty much where I though my photography was going, but with lighting like this the color punched through for me.

I don’t know much about Circa Survive, but I do know that they can put on a fucken show! The singer blasts out some power, really connects with the crowd and impressed the hell out of me.


When shooting i don’t really have much of a chance to listen to the music, most of the time we only get three songs and get booted out of the pit to let those pricks that pay for tickets enjoy the show, so looking around at bouncers to check how long had past the other photographers and I got the nod and had to get out.

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