Bec & Daves Wedding @ The Conservatory

Bec’s day started at her parents place in Reservoir, getting ready with her close friends and family, after her hair and makeup were done we took a few photos of her and her four legged friend it was off to the venue.

The first thing I thought when I arrived at The Conservatory in Carlton was how much the venue suited Bec and Daves personality, all the clean whites and hight contrast ceilings and lanterns, along with the flower wall.

Dave was already there, we decided to forgo some photos with his groomsmen as he had a lot of people to greet, everyone was ushered in to their seats upon the arrival of Rebecca, as her and her bridesmaids lined up ready to make their entrance the music began and the show was on.

Linked arm in arm with her father, walking to the beat of the music, they approached the bright windows and the place where they would be wedded.

The smile plastered across Dave’s face briefly gave way to their first kiss as the were announced as husband and wife, they walked out of the room through a sea of congratulations it really was the beginning of their new life together.

We took about an hour to do some couples portraits over in the gardens across the road and then it was back to the party, speeches from Daves mum, best mate, and Becs parents moved on to their first dance and second dance and third, songs being played that reminded them of when they used to go to night clubs together. As people started to leave the party was still going long into the night.

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